Search engine optimization for Law firms

Search engine optimization for Law firms

It’s a new world out there for Lawyers. At this point, you probably understand the importance a strong digital presence has to the success of your firm. Customers no longer pull out the phone book when in need of a lawyer. The pull out their phone, and ask Google. With this change in consumer behavior, your firm needs to take note and meet customers where they are.

Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers
With years of page one search results dominating in lawyer terms. We know what it takes to get you business.
Take a look at our SEO services.

Custom Website Design for Lawyers
Currently all our websites are completely custom fit to your needs
Check back regularly as we will soon have some easy to use WordPress templates that anyone can use

You set the goals, we drive the results

At Tandolin, we understand your customers and what they are searching.

We specialize in creating custom SEO and web design solutions for Lawyers to dominate their local and national search engine marketing needs.

But we don’t stop there…


Building Business Results for Lawyers

We are not like everyone else. Our difference is that we don’t design the kind of website you want. Everybody knows what they want, but few know what they need.

We don’t argue over taste, nor create “beautiful, but useless” websites. You tell us your business goal of your website. We conduct thorough research, decide what your website should be like and bring you results.

Note: If you want to be the one to decide over the design of your website, there are millions of companies who do that. If it’s results you want – sales, leads, signups – talk to us.

Who We Are

We are geeks, not salesmen

We have been navigating and finding success in every corner of the internet since 1990.

What really makes us unique is that we do this stuff for ourselves.

We own and operate many web properties across the web driving hundreds of thousands of organic clicks and selling thousands of products and services.

These properties are all driven by the same web design principles and SEO expertise that our clients benefit from.

This means we have skin in this game, just like you.

How We Work

1) Decide on objectives

It all starts with a simple email. Contact us to get started.  We will evaluate your site, find out where it is leaking money and put together a proposal for a formal relationship.


2) Start getting more traffic

Once the papers are signed, the fun begins.   Our team of rockstars immediately get to work driving organic search traffic to your website.  The focus in this stage is “cleaning” your site of previous harmful practices as well as “boosting” it up in search rankings.


3) Optimize site for better conversions

After you see your website traffic increase and are generating more leads to your website, the testing begins.  Our team of conversion scientists will begin to design your website in a way the instigates a direct response.


What We Can Do For You

  • Generate traffic from both competitive and long tail keywords
  • Focus on local and/or national customers
  • Optimize your site for converting visitors into customers
  • Make your online efforts make you more money

Sounds Good, How Much?

Everyone wants to know “How Much?”   To be honest, it depends.  This business is not one size fits all.  It largely depends on what your objectives are.  We will analyze your current standing and identify the easiest wins as well as a plan that makes sense to deliver you results.

We have different packages for the following

  • Local SEO keywords
  • Google local listings (map listing/map pack)
  • National keyword Rankings
  • Lead Generation Packages

Contact us to see how we can help!


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