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 “from non existent rankings to first position for 30 terms!” – Mark


Why our SEO approach is different… Why because we’re different.

Most “SEO Agencies or Companies” are in the business of “selling SEO”. And some of them are very good at it.

But when you think about it, if they’re so good at driving sales/rankings, why aren’t they doing it for themselves?

Because I’ll tell you this, there’s far more money in building your own businesses with SEO. We’ve been doing it for over a decade now and have a dozen other businesses that we’re ranking over several thousand products and services for.



The mountain of reporting and analytics we get from those other businesses is invaluable.

But that’s not the most important piece…

To be perfectly honest, there might be some SEO agencies that are better at getting top rankings than we are. I won’t deny that.

But the biggest mistake in SEO that you can possibly make is assuming that #1 ranking = more money. It doesn’t.

EVERY single agency you work with will give you reports all day long about your position in the search engines blah blah blah…

What did that do for your business? Absolutely nothing.

That’s a question I don’t take lightly and neither should you. This is YOUR business we’re talking about here.



What this means for you.


It’s simple really. We do everything in house with our rockstar team who – day in and day out – are doing the same for our businesses.

We’re not looking to expand our team so we’re only working with a select few businesses at any given time.

If we don’t think we’re a good fit for you or if we think you can get a greater return on other marketing investments we’ll let you know.


Our 3 step approach to making you more money.


1. Profitable keyword strategy

If you’ve gone down the SEO path before, my guess is that you’ve had tons of different “keyword” strategy docs thrown at you.

Well guess what, they’re not worth the paper they’re printed on.

And I mean no disrespect to the SEO’s out there because there are some good ones. But they look at it all wrong.

The try to find words that they can rank for “easily”. Sounds great right?

The problem is that they have no idea of the people searching for those terms are looking to BUY.

We’ve optimized and religiously tested thousands of different keywords, phrases and terms to know which keywords people search for that are looking to make a purchase “now”.

That customer is far more valuable to you than 1,000 1st page rankings that are generic or people are just price shopping.

We have this down to a science and it truly is the difference between success and failure in our own businesses.


2. Start ranking


3. Conversion optimization


Getting more visitors to your site is great, but if they’re not turning into customers then it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Focusing on profitable keywords and then ranking for those terms are the first two steps in the process and that gives us targeted customers who are looking to BUY.

This is arguably the most important step in the process. I can’t tell you how many sites I go to that are ranking well, but are missing out on tons of money because they don’t have good conversion funnels in place.

Once the traffic is coming in, we split test everything religiously to be improving your conversion rate of leads into customers.

We take a very scientific approach to this and have years of


4. Test the shit out of everything to get it making more money


Based on our analysis, we decide on the key elements to test, prioritize them and heavily split test different parts of your website to maximize conversions.


Getting excellent results online is a marathon, not a sprint. Your website is the key component to your marketing, but you need a smart and effective plan to ensure sustainable customer acquisition and retention.


We work with your people, help you set growth strategies in place and consult you on how to get the maximum results from your website.


What makes our approach so effective?


It’s simple. We do this for our own businesses (and have been for over a decade). We’ve seen everything there is to see with changes in the search engines and our businesses rely on us _____.


It’s not about “rankings”. Most SEO’s look at it that way and that’s why people spend a bunch of time and money and months later


Our businesses rely on us being top in the search engines. If those rankings drop – even temporarily – it costs us a lot of money.



Our “Make money or it’s free” Guarantee


Our guarantee is simple. We’ll get you making more money or it’s free.


To this day we’ve never had to do that. If it ever happens where we can’t make someone money we’ll pay back every penny in a heart beat. It’s just who we are.


But we’re very carefully with who we select to work with and we need to know that we’re going to be able to get you results.


We like to think, discuss, prototype, measure and fine-tune, and that requires full dedication to the client. This is how we can ensure the quality of our work.


Look, we love doing the SEO, not selling it or having to manage a million clients like major SEO firms “brag” about (like it adds credibility or something).


Since there are only a few companies who can use our services at any given time, better book your spot early.



How much?


The correct answer: it depends. For most of our customers we do continuous optimization for a flat monthly fee that includes *everything*: conversion research, forming hypotheses, designing new screens and writing new copy, designing and running A/B tests, analyzing the results and repeating it all. The fee will depend on the number of tests we can run per month.


If you need a new web site or a design makeover, the cost will depend on the scope of work and how much value we can add to your business.

Additional services we offer:

Conversion research

Usability testing

Split testing and multivariate testing


Our promise: we will make your business money. If you’re into that sort of stuff, we should talk.

Call (866) 826-8780 Today let’s discuss how we can help and receive a free web -site analysis


example, you would want to make sure your business ranks highly in all searches containing those keywords. One of the many benefits of SEO practices is that they yield low cost results in comparison to other targeted ad campaigns. So long as you can make sure your criminal attorney business is listed at the top of your desired search results, all clicks that you experience are organic and free. Adwords and PPC campaigns, on the other hand, require you to pay for every person who visits your page through a sponsored link.

Targeted Traffic = Leads

SEO will also yield a definite increase in traffic. As an added bonus, you will also begin to experience higher brand credibility than before. When a person enters search terms into a website like Google, studies have shown that they typically regard the results as being ranked in order of quality. Businesses listed towards the top of the page are looked at as more credible and of a higher quality than those listed near the bottom or on secondary pages. In a way, SEO will become a self-fulfilling prophecy for your criminal attorney business. As you rank higher in the search results for certain terms, your business will be looked at as high quality and you will attract new customers. As you attract new customers, your site will become more popular and will naturally rank higher in search results for certain terms.

When you begin to look for a company to handle your site’s Law firm SEO requirements, however, it is important to always find a company that only handles lawyers and other related businesses. Though general SEO practices will work for most businesses, certain segments of the market will require special care and attention. There are also techniques that will help push your b

The acronym SEO stands for the term “search engine optimization.” As a concept, it relates to the practice of positively affecting the visibility of a website in search results through providers like Google. The more adapt your website is for the best possible SEO practices, the higher it will rank in searches for certain types of keywords. If you’re a criminal attorney that runs your own business, SEO can be the key to guaranteeing new clients on a frequent basis. When you consider all of the benefits inherent in search engine optimization (and all of the potential penalties that come with utilizing it improperly), it is a concept that is much too important to ignore.

Dominating First Position

Before you can understand the importance of SEO, you must understand the importance of search engines in general. Studies have shown that the first result on a Google results page for a particular term is usually the one clicked the most often by site visitors. The first few search results after that are also highly trafficked, but not nearly as much as the coveted top position. The rate of return begins to diminish as users scroll farther down the first page of results, especially if they have to scroll due to browser or monitor settings. A dramatic decrease in clicks is experienced for all websites and businesses on the second page of results and beyond. As a result, it’s very important to make sure that your site ranks as high in the results as possible. The proper utilization of search engine optimization techniques can allow you to do just that.

When optimizing your site for search engines with onsite factors and good webdesign, consider the terms that you’ll need to target. Think about the ways a potential customer might use Google, Yahoo or Bing to find your business online. If you were a criminal attorney in Cleveland, for business over the edge that a company focused on general SEO might not be aware of. When trying to rank in search results related to criminal attorneys, you will be dealing with a higher amount of competition than most other businesses. Not only do you have to worry about ranking high in search engines but you also have to worry about ranking higher than the competition in your immediate area. Criminal attorneys aren’t like grocery stores – where a customer might not be willing to drive too far out of their way to save on a few items, they will be willing to drive to great lengths to hire the most qualified attorney for their needs. As a result, your SEO needs to be targeted not only to the area where you operate but to the surrounding areas, as well. A company focused on general SEO practices will likely be unable to meet those kinds of demands, which is why having a company who is focused solely on your industry will yield the best results.



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