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At Tandolin, we look at web design different.

We think it should be looked at as a business in it’s own right.

It needs to serve a purpose, and that purpose needs to be more revenue.

If you want a fancy, creative website with all the bells and whistles, we can recommend some good web designers for you.

But thats just not us.

We focus on building the website you need over the website you want.

Over the past decade, we have been building and ranking websites with one goal in mind: Capture as many sales as possible.

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 A fresh take on Web Design for Lawyers


For years, Website Developers have been giving lawyers the same old pitch…

“I can make you the most beautiful website!  You will love it!”  They say.

Oh ya?

We come from the school of thought that you should “Love” results over “Beauty”

Now this does not mean that we design ugly, unprofessional websites.

But we do build a special kind of website.

One that is built to convert more leads and deliver results.

That is what makes us different.  We have been using Conversion Science and Consumers Psychology to turn leads into sales for over a decade now.

We have dozens of our own web properties ranking top for popular Google searches with websites that are built to turn a person’s search online into real dollars.


What This Means To You

Our experience of building converting websites, driving traffic and ultimately generating revenue online gives us perspective where other website designers have tunnel vision.

We know the huge difference small things like calls to action can have on your bottom line.

We understand how customers navigate a website, and how to get them to take a desired action.

We are constantly testing and learning new things from our own web properties.


Because we have skin in the game, just like you.

But thats not the most important piece…

We understand your investment in your website needs to generate a return.

When we are working on our own properties, we are very scientific about how information is displayed.

Every month, we invest thousands of dollars in our own SEO campaigns to drive customers to our websites.

We don’t want to leave any money on the table.

The fact of the matter is most Lawyer websites are leaking money.

Their are probably many simple changes that could make a huge difference in getting more leads.


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